Is it possible for a forester to just hike like an everyday person on a hike???  Now don’t go taking that in any other way, basically when I go out walking with someone else, who is not a forester, I feel like a weirdo!  Just like if I took a walk with someone who knows rocks or who knows clouds or something along those lines, I wouldn’t know anything!

Regardless– is it possible?  “I don’t think so, Tim”- Al Borland (Home Improvement).  When I go on a hike through the woods with a friend I am still in the mindset of looking at every tree, looking at the bark, identifying the species, if it has any decay, disease or other issues.  I often find myself falling behind and looking up at the trees rather than engaging in conversation, or I become that annoying person that quizzes you at every tree! I mean if I see a beech tree and I ask my friends what it is and they get it wrong, you can bet your last dollar that the next beech tree will be quizzed!

So I challenge you the next time you go on a nature walk or walk down to your mailbox to get the mail, or walk your dog around the block to take a book, grab a leaf or take picture and Google the tree to know exactly what it is!

I think it is incredibly important for everyone, regardless if they have trees in the yard or not to be able to identify at least the basics.  Whether that just be the difference between a conifer tree or a deciduous tree.  It surprises me how many folks don’t know the difference. There are so many diseases and insects infecting trees, seems like a new one is always just around the corner; making headlines.  Awareness is key–so knowing what you have is the key to unlock the safety of that tree, and keep it healthy.

So the next time you’re hiking–think like me–What is that tree??

Answer to the post is…no; there is no such thing as a normal hike. And just because every hike with me is educational, does not mean it is not relaxing or enjoyable 🙂

Scotch PineRiver


One thought on ““Normal Hike”

  1. I hope it dries out here soon so I can get some hiking in before we move! I’m sure MN has beautiful trails but there’s nothing quite like the northwoods of WI


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