“What tree would you be”?  “Really, are you really asking me that”?

Way back at the beginning of October I was interviewed for my current position.  I had been through so many interviews and after so many I never thought I would actually be asked the one question I always hoped would be asked- what is your favorite tree and why.  Well at the interview for this job it was a little bit different, if you could be any tree what would it be and why.  I think my jaw literally dropped, I looked at the gentleman asking me the question and said “really, are you really asking me that”? He smiled and said yes and repeated the question.  I smiled so big and with great confidence said the Ginkgo tree, because I feel that I am a unique, strong and independent women just like the Ginkgo tree is all of these attributes.  Needless to say I think that one answer got me the position!

Ginkgo biloba trees are a very unique tree.  They are considered a living fossil tree that can date us back into the Dinosaur age. They are the oldest living species and are rare now to find in wild but thrive in Michigan given the right sun, soil and water requirements.  They are dated back to some 280 million years ago with fossil records; Now that is old!! They are one of a kind- the only one in their family.

Ginkgo’s are not susceptible to diseases; they are actually used by humans for medicinal purposes! I mean yeah there is leaf spot that can affect the tree- but it does no real damage.  All other trees are threatened due to all the different bugs and diseases spreading so quickly–but the Ginkgo stands tall and lives long.  The leaves on a Ginkgo tree are unlike any other tree with their smooth fan-shaped leaf.  In the fall the leaves turn a stunning bright yellow color.  They are amazing trees for university/school lawns, streets, or building green spaces because they are low maintenance and great shade trees.  Low maintenance meaning they require little to no pruning and they drop their leaves all at once- so one rake and done–Sweet Deal!!! Okay-there is one draw back here- the female tree! Yes, I know I said I would be a Ginkgo but ignore that for this next moment.  Ginkgo trees are dioecious meaning they have a female tree and a male tree.  The females are planted less often because their fruit–it stinks!!! But other than that minor detail–amazing tree!

If you could be a tree, what tree would YOU be?

Ginkgo Leaf
Ginkgo Leaf

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