So, remember a couple posts ago when I mentioned “getting stuck”? Well do you know how to get a forester unstuck from a ditch?!  It isn’t as easy as one might think.  Oh she’s got all wheel drive, no problem, oh big problem!!

Anyways, so I was driving out to a landowners property for a site visit.  No address just told go to the end of the road and its the brand new driveway at the end.  They are just starting to build a house on their property so its all new.  Yea…new driveway and a foot of white snow.  I found the place okay and started to drive up the driveway and a huge dump truck is trying to get out of the driveway…so I start backing up.  Next thing I know…”FORESTER DOWN”! Right back into a ditch I go.  Now, this isn’t your ordinary ditch, this was a large steep drop off, right into frozen snow.  So, unfortunately I had to call the landowner and explain how I was now stuck at the end of the driveway and I may have sorta hit one of his oaks. So he and his father drive down with the large Ford truck and try to pull me out…no luck.  To get a forester out of the ditch you need “More Power”  we waited for the dump truck to come back and sure enough with a little tug, I was free!  Car was left unharmed, but the foresters ego may have been a little hurt!

Mr. Dump Truck who saved me!
Mr. Dump Truck who saved me!

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