In my position there are many outreach events and such and yesterday I was on my way out of town to a planning committee meeting out of town and dragged one of my conservation district board members with me. I go to a lot of meetings and the drives get long so the company was much enjoyed. Regardless back to the meaning of this post, I was driving along then all of a sudden screech I’m slamming on my breaks and I start drooling… I saw out of the corner of my eye a large tree! I yelled what is that?! What kind of tree is that? It can’t be an Aspen! Trying to function off no coffee and running late we drove on. But that tree never left my mind for the 5 hour meeting… You better believe on our way back my hazard lights blinked bright as my board member got out and started thing pictures for my. I needed no HAD to have proof of this tree for my story! It looked like a cottonwood on the bottom and an Aspen on top. But it was so large and so old looking how could it be an Aspen?!  Well my friends, it is most definitely an Aspen. Check it out!!! Even with looking at hundreds of Aspen a week, this Forester can still be blown away by an Aspen! 


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