Forestry…. in technical terms is the planting or management of forests.  Forestry to me, however, as well as many others in my field its an art workIt can be a blank canvas providing the endless options of reforestation or a full canvas that needs work to make it the full beautiful forest it should be– Healthy and full of diversity.  We often see beautiful photos of trees, wildlife with trees, or forests in general…but do you every stop to look at the picture and think…”What factors made that forest the beautiful forest it is in the picture?” I do- which is why my passion for forestry conservation is so deeply rooted into me and I love sharing that passion with everyone I can…

My job involves a lot of site visits to landowners woodlots.  When I first pull up to a property I get that rush and excitement of the adventure of a new forest I am about to embark on and learn about.  Not one woodlot is the same as the next, there are so many components that makes every site visit unique and exciting.

I get out of my car, pending I didn’t already get stuck, and my mind starts racing like that 5 year old girl in the candy store!  I begin to look around at the species present, age of the trees, how the are spaced/competing with each other, then I think about the wildlife that might be present if I wasn’t intruding their space. I think about weather patterns and if they forest would sustain in hazardous weather…my mind races to the point of not keeping up. Then after that split second and rush of thoughts, I ask the landowner their goals with the property.


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